Friday, February 15, 2013

"What's this?!!"

One of my favorite phrases, so my knitter friends say... "What's this?"  Usually interpreted to mean, "I found a mistake," and not a happy surprise.
Last night I finished up my Stricken socks.  Though they've been on needles since July doesn't mean that I haven't loved the anticipation of putting them on my feet... The Berroco Ultra Alpaca and twisty lines of the pattern have been a joy to work with.  And I didn't need to use a cable needle to twist the stitches so it moved right along if there weren't other projects in the way.  
As I neared the toe of the first sock, I discovered that I was running out of yarn, so I started number two with some vague idea of finding another yarn for the toe.  When I actually ran out I found a suitable partner:  DROPS Alpaca Silk in a non-threatening shade. (By the way, the silky texture made me run for my cable needle!) THEN my fingers flew because it's SOOOO yummy soft that I wanted my toes in it immediately!
Last night, finished, put them on, my toes wriggling in Alpaca luxury, took pictures, almost wore them to bed, then I thought I would give them a little rest and pulled them off.  Just as I put them down something caught my eye... What's THIS???
 A funny little dimple above the gusset...
Dang... dropped stitch.  (It's a bit depressing to find how many times I've labeled a post "dropped stitch", isn't it?)
A minor set back. They ARE lovely though....

Pattern:  Stricken by Cookie A  from Knit. Sock. Love.


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