Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Charybdis Blocking Storm

Finished my shawl... but not without teeth gnashing, nail biting, and several shout-outs to fellow Ravelry Charybdis knitters.  Everyone assured me it would be all right!
But first, the bind off:
To bind off, this very neat edging was created.  Five stitches and turn, five stitches back for 2 stitches bound off.  It took several sessions, including knit nite.
Then to the end, and the scary part:  Dropping two stitches along each end.
The six middle stitches get kitchenered together 3x3 to form the point of the shawl.  Then the unraveling:
It looks a mess, and is meant to be a picot-type edging.  But not without a little help...
One hundred zillion loops first pinned with my 20 pins, then transferred to blocking wires, painfully teased out of wherever they tried to hide.  I ignored the inner circle edge--it has loops, too, but I was tired positive that they would disappear when I wrapped it around me after much hard work.
Next... drying... modeling...


  1. I looked on Ravelry to check, and I DID recognize that yarn! Good memories!

    Beautiful shawl/scarf! Worth the back-breaking of the blocking. Don't spill anything on it so you have to do it again!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! More evidence of your amazing knitting skills. Love it!

  3. It looks just lovely - but I can see why you gnashed your teeth. I would have too.


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