Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Socks

Finish one, Start two!  That's my motto...
Not that I don't have other socks on needles, but there's too little time, and too many socks to knit!
To my credit, I picked up one that has been staring at me for a year or so from its little clear plastic jar, and decided that the stripes would make an easy/mindless project.
As soon as I knitted a few inches I turned it into an intermediate/look-at-what-you're-doing project.
Why? Because I couldn't bear a short-row heel.  I've made this heel from the "Spring Thaw Sock" pattern by Cat Bordhi, and I like it.  It's always a challenge because I never have the exact number of stitches, but somehow I muddle through.  I like the texture of the tbl ribbing (through back loop 1x1 ribbing) and they are super stretchy.  Not bad for Heart and Sole yarn by Red Heart!
Number two is somewhat to my credit because I'm using stash yarn:  Noro Sock yarn.  I guess my feet were cold, and I was wearing two pair of socks that day, which made me think I needed to knit something heavier.
Using a US4/3.5mm needle, and pattern from Sharlene Schurch called Shirred Ribbing.  Yes, this will have a short-row heel.  AND lots of orange.  That nasty orange is hidden in the ball and on a previous project I found it excessive so I cut out the long portions of orange.  Now I will incorporate the orange, and make it orange heavy.  May as well go overboard with a color I'm not crazy about... Hope that works out!
By the way, Nancy Coats turns 80 today!!  Happy birthday to an amazing mental and physical athlete!  (She doesn't knit.)


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