Friday, December 14, 2012

Laughing and Crying

One crying? One laughing? It must be Knit nite! We were all laughing so hard... See what you missed?
But FIRST!  The coup d'etat!  Bee fin... fin... fin...ished!!! not just a project, but a baby blanket!  Gorgeous work!  Duly admired, fondled, and encouraged to knit another one...  A lucky baby, with an orange nursery... EXCELLENT!
 Then we moved to the herd of sheep, a bit frightened by the herd of balls... A sheep's life is all DRAMA!
 And then MB brought out the tour de force:  And made us weep with laughter.

 Just a sample of Stitchy McYarnpants.  Making fun of older patterns and designs, and adding insults of our own!  The "Worst Case of Dandruff" was just the beginning!  BEST night Ev-ah!!
For more information see: Museum of Kitschy Stitches
I love irreverent knitting blogs!

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