Friday, July 18, 2014

On Hold.

And then there was an unexpected project.
I can't stand to see (some) things unfinished.  Especially beautiful projects that have languished for years in upstairs spare bedrooms, with no hope of ever attaining FO status.
I'm guessing it has been at least 8 years since my daughter took over our house on a visit by creating, planning, and piecing this quilt.
Until I unfolded it this morning, I had no idea how HUGE it is.  What was she thinking?  This is stretched out on a California King-size bed.  It's turned so it is wider than long. And gorgeous, no?
As with many a quilt, I'm sure, the quilting got in the way.  It's so much fun to play with the colours and put it together, and so... time consuming, and heavy, and repetitious, to quilt it.  She has learned her lesson though.  She quilted most of the centre (not the outer two rows of inner blocks) and then put it away, and then folded it nicely on a single bed in her mother-in-law's upstairs spare room.  And she hasn't "quilted" a piece since.  She has made several smaller quilts, and sent them to be quilted by the local quilt shop.  And they are beautiful.
Unfortunately for me, obsessive-me, I slept in that bed last weekend.  Only it was 80 degrees in that room, I had to move it, and I discovered it needed binding.
Having 2-1/2 weeks left here, I thought... yeah, I can do that!  But this morning, I see how much work it's going to be.  When you count the borders, I bet it is half quilted.  I spent hours this morning replacing basting that had fallen out.  It will NOT cross the ocean, so if it gets closer to finished, that's what it will be.
 If I should get to the first border, it will be machine quilted from there.  In fact, I had grandiose plans to use the machine for the triangles, but the size of it, and the turning on those little pieces... to match what's there already, make it impossible.  I guess I'll be staying warm!
A 36 cm hoop.


  1. Gee, Julie, I have a queen size quilt about 2/3 quilted.

    I'll put it on the guest bed for you...

  2. That one is Much Prettier than my UFO'


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