Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year look!

Can't believe it!  Four and a half, a tinkerbell fanatic, an on sale Halloween costume, and pompom slippers!
Remember the old slipper pattern from the fifties?  I'm quite sure it was the very first thing I knitted as a kid.  (I still need help with the pompoms...) I remember it well, in fact.  I smile, I touch, when I see these slippers at bazaars, and yard sales.  For all of the fancy and creative patterns listed in Ravelry, this one is the go-to functional slipper that never fails me. 
In my closet I have one pair of little worn slippers like this one, and while packing after Christmas, with a sleigh full of toys in my suitcase, I threw them in. At the time it seemed like a cop-out since I didn't knit them, and they were so little used, they could hardly be my favorite... But when space is a premium, I look the other way.  The giveaway that tells me that they didn't come from my knitting needles is the perfectly thick and rounded pompom on each slipper.  I've never been able to recreate such a full puff of perfection. And they didn't go unnoticed!
I arrived on Sunday, I slipped them on on Monday, and immediately the above little scrutinizing little being exclaims, "Those are tinkerbell slippers!  Look, Mommy, she has tinkerbell slippers!"  What makes them so is the pompom as any scrutinizer of tinkerbell will tell you. And the next day I was feverishly improvising a pompom for a little girl (who was too overwhelmed by a fireworks display at midnight to sleep) to finish off one slipper so she could rest assured that her tinkerbell feet would be adorned by the same. 
It worked, somewhat... I also had to swear by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin that a second slipper would be finished the next day.  And it was...

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  1. So cute! I remember making those slippers many years ago. Haven't seen them in ages.


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