Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Altering knits

Some knits I finished, some needed altering, and others needed to be tweaked.
#1:  Romper;  Perfect as is!  Length in the legs for a growing girl.
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Pattern: Gift Wrap Romper & Sweater by Carina Spencer from Gift Wrap Collection eBook;
Yarn: Encore Colorspun Worsted by Plymouth Yarn, Worsted / 10 ply, 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool 200 yards

#2: Scarf with Sprinkles;  an interesting pattern done in mosaic colorwork.  Didn't get a finished picture... One end is attached to the bow, and other end threads through behind the bow.

Pattern: Sprinkles & Squares Scarf by Pam Powers from Art Fiber Design
Yarn is leftovers of Sandnes fingering.

#3:  Altering and extending the life of a beautiful cardigan:  Three tiered, now really three tiers. Original ended with the blue tier.  Cuffs were extended, too.
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#4:  Pink Powell;  I was never happy with the collar/opening on this one, and when I saw it on her, I knew it was just too big.  As she wore it, it seemed to widen and begin to fall off her shoulders, so I pulled out some rows, decreased the number of stitches and finished off in a stretchy picot bind-off.  Never saw it modeled, but I think it will work.
Previous Blog Post  plus July 23, Aug 4, Aug 6, and Aug 11 (2011)

#5 and #6:  The Cupcake mittens, and the Eco Vest (made with the well traveled Mongolian Cashmere, total of 5 trans-Atlantic crossings) made their ways home. Whew!

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  1. Such lovely lovely photos. She seems such a happy little girl.


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