Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Much Ado!

The Pink Powell Pullover, which is a pattern that no Ravelry member has confessed to knitting, has been quite the challenge for me.  Of course, anyone who knows me, assumes that I didn't use the prescribed yarn weight and had to adjust all the numbers...  but even so!
There was the cable down the front that was 're-cabled' and the endless seed stitch, which led me to believe that a 2T size is enormous!  (Those little ones keep growing!)
Here's a few more trials that have been laid to rest:
The collar:
The original calls for seed stitch continued along with the cable, but when the collar folds over you see the back of the cable.  I found this fixable, errr, so I fixed it ....a few times.
First: Used stockinette and a reverse-side cable.  The reverse stockinette shows.
What I didn't like:  The stockinette rolled too tightly.  Rip...  Try again.
A combination of garter and stockinette.  Enough garter to straighten it just a tad.  (Sorry about the color.... It truly is a hot pink!
OK.   I'm happy with the collar.  Next:  Sleeves.
The sleeve opening didn't look proportionally large enough for the size.  I thought that the sleeves were wide enough at the top, but I changed my mind when I saw the body finished.
Fix:  Open up the sides a bit more,
and add a diamond (gusset) patch underarm.
Turned out rather well, I think.
The posing of the above picture pointed out that I might have another problem.  Might-- meaning, until the pullover is pulled over a little head, I won't know if the bind-off at the neck/collar is too tight. I noticed it when I put it on the hanger. I thought I was done, but I'm going to trouble-shoot and do a looser bind-off, so I won't have to fret!
May your projects be problem-free!

Pattern:  Powell, by Mags Kandis from Mission Falls Wee Knits 3;  Yarn: Cotton Rich DK by Cascade Yarns, DK / 8 ply 64% Cotton, 36% Nylon, 135 yards


  1. I'm sure the little girl will be very happy when she get's her new pullover, it looks adorable.

  2. You are my hero! The 'fix it Queen'! Glad you live close by so I can learn from you. K


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