Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peer Pressure

I asked;  they spoke!
Lunch with knitting friends, show and tell;  I showed, they told...
Knowing that their keen eyes would spot my goof, I 'fessed up as I showed my Pink Powell Pullover.  Size 2T, with a gigantic cable down the front... I must have miscounted more than once and two of the cables were wonky.  They insisted I had reversed the cable (back to front crossover) and that it was going to "eat me up" until I went back and fixed it.  "No," I said.  "I'm stronger than that... it's gone too far... it's only a little pullover on an active playing child... it's not THAT noticeable (to the general public)."  And I continued to merrily knit-along. (The two obvious mistakes are marked with needles, in case there's any doubt in anyone's mind.  I must admit this morning, they don't look 'that' bad...)

Then it was later, evening, and I sat with it in my lap, smoothing it out as I often have, examining "how bad is it, really?" going through my mind for the 1,000th time, and I snapped.  Before I knew it, it looked like this:
UHGG-ly.  There's a lot of seed stitch going on... and THAT's not coming out.  I decided to bundle my rows, so I would know where every 10th row would fall (I was previously attempting to cable every 8th row having 'misread' the pattern earlier--I'm a mess, aren't I?  No comments, please.)
And an hour later (give or take an hour), I had this:
They are all the same size, except for the bottom two, and there's a little extra yarn on the left side of the cable pattern, and so it shall be!  Blocking and a little rough handling will even it out.  Peers: Thanks for a wonderful evening.  (You know who you are!)


  1. what a lucky little girl she is! it is really going to be pretty.

    did you do all your re-knitting from the right side? I find that actually turning the work each row eliminates (mostly) the loose area to the left. and we all know we'll have to do this type of drop-down repair least I will.

  2. I know that feeling... Kudos for repairing that cable!

  3. Write a comment.

  4. I did it!! Now you will be able to read all of my 'witty' comments! k


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