Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Endings!

Doesn't matter:  Happy or Sad endings;  I cry.  This had me crying for both occasions.
Sad:  I ran out of yarn.   Happy:  End results are ALL good!

At the end of Knit Nite last week, I was left with no yarn for my sweet 3 color/tiered cardigan.  As everyone left and I was sitting alone finishing the second sleeve, there was this sudden jolt when the yarn slipped from my fingers and I realized it was the end of the ball.
Then the second jolt of anger of being tricked into thinking this wasn't what it seemed and I started thrashing around to find that "next" ball that HAD to be lurking there... in the bottom of...  Then I remembered that a friend was going to LYS (60 miles, one way) tomorrow and all would be right, IF they just happened to have that yarn, in that color.   
The next day brought the right color but the wrong yarn to my home.  
Question:  How different could they be?
Sublime:  extra fine merino wool dk,  and Sublime:  baby cashmere merino silk dk. Same yardage, same color ##... not exactly the same.  But it feels almost the same and was such a good match that I used it for the last few rows at the top of one sleeve (where I honestly have been looking but can't see a difference) and for the neck and front edges (where I have looked and can easily see a difference).  
It sure is a cute sweater... have to get it on that 2 year old before she grows!
 Yarn:  Cashmere Merino Silk DK by Sublime Yarns
DK / 8 ply  75% Merino, 20% Silk, 5% Cashmere, 127 yards 
 plus  Extra Fine Merino Wool DK by Sublime Yarns
  DK / 8 ply 100% Merino, 127 yards  

I detest sewing on buttons, but ... has to be done.  I found thread in Fjord Blue that matched nicely.
And here's one more for inspection, to look for the mismatched yarn.

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  1. Once again I'm taking my (imaginary) hat off. It's pretty and I honestly don't see any difference in the yarn you used, really, it's one of those cases when only you know that it's there and that's why you see it but nobody else does.


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