Friday, June 15, 2018

Oslo visit

A 24 hour stop to see my friend in Oslo.  As you can see, she treats me like royalty, starting with photos of myself in my bedroom...  The small one in front is, indeed, a postage stamp that we had made a dozen years ago, featuring our family with Peruvian knitters, in Peru, donning Peruvian festive hats!  Somehow, a Norwegian non-knitter snuck into the background with an authentic Norwegian knitted hat.  It was January and it was cold on Lake Titicaca.

In the photo in the back is my friend doing a spoof as Pavarotti with her male friend dressed up as Kiri Te.  She does stuff like that!

Below is breakfast, fit for me a queen.  

Here is my orange suitcase with See, waiting for the tram.  This part of Oslo is unrecognisable from the eighties.  (Notice:  I am avoiding apostrophes because I am using a foreign keyboard, and it seems to be MIA.)

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