Monday, June 11, 2018

I wished and it came true!

A few months ago, I was at home thinking about knitting in foreign locales... and there was Clara Parkes, with a lovely list of knitting events and tours.  Thank you, Clara!  
As I scanned over her list of the year, I thought, I wonder what is happening in Norway in May and June, and I saw the dream trip... Trips for Knitters: Åndalsnes, Norway!  Ah, Åndalsnes, home of Rauma yarn mill, AND home of a memorable Easter ski trip in the mountains nearby from 45 years ago.  (Startling, when I did the math... and so little remembered except the train, the cabin, the massive amount of snow and the cozy fire inside.)  
So, I wrote, and was put on a waiting list, with the caveat:  "I will notify you...though I think that unlikely at this point."
I thought to myself, well, being in the country would surely be easier to arrange last minute than from the States.  And 9 days before the scheduled trip, I got the invitation to join them.  YAY!
A 55 minute flight to Oslo (and a little mucking around with See in Oslo) and I joined the fun and scenery as a tourist.
Here's the largest/longest lake in Norway, Mjøsa.  The train follows it for over an hour.

Then we change trains and the real mountain scenery begins:
And later that night, my hotel room view, or should I say, ONE of the views.  Every direction was stunning.  And the weather continued! I'm one lucky knitter!
Now, where could that cabin be, and how did we get there?

To be continued!

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