Sunday, July 9, 2017

Really? Four months?

I know I've been busy... there was Easter (as a church organist), and concerts (Lenten and Messiah) with piano and harpsichord, there was a trip to Norway, sewing, planning for a knit camp in the Rockies, weaving, knitting, purchase of a new church organ, repairs for another, and celebrations, and reunions... involving a few thousand miles each way.

What I may or may not report, but will address now, was the anticipation (errrr...trepidation) of a 50th anniversary high school reunion.  Turns out, NOTHING to dread, but sheer fun, laughter, and hugs!  I'm SO glad I went.  I've attended reunions at 25 and 40, so it wasn't a total shock, but I was thankful I could ask around and get some people pointed out before I was put on the spot.

Thanks to everyone who attended!  And the Cornell style Barbecue chicken was delicious.  Gary and committee, you know how to throw a party!

Without further ado...Check back every day for awhile--I'll fill you in.

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