Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Painting yarn

Yes, it's over and what a week it was...
The weather was perfect, our tents are packed away, we suffered a few insect bites, and we have unfinished projects and beautiful yarn to take away!

One day devoted to coloring our own yarn.

Everyone got creative, and all were surprised (good and better) with their results.

Even the sampler/test yarn (on the right) turned out great.

Unwrapping the steamed yarn.  Hovering in the shade while it lasted.

CeeVee rejected her first attempt, and somehow managed to eliminate the red! Clever!

Looking pretty "neat"!  No surfaces were permanently harmed.

The sampler:  Could be trouble!

But which one is the sampler now?

An experiment in grouping,
the Denver special,
the unintended results of everyone dabbing on our tester,
the red purple project,
muted sage and blues,
I'm seeing a trend,
the winner of "who came the farthest to see 'Shrek'",
and lovely pastels.

The dyeing gang!

The finished Knit Camp in the Rockies project.

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