Thursday, November 3, 2016

Scotland, at Last!

Before it's 2017, I thought I should try to find time for a few blogs to finish up my trip in September.  Here's what we saw! 
Flags, chimneys, cars on the left, wonderful places!  And though the clouds were there, and we saw an abundance of rainbows, there were bright, mild days!  (That's the way I remember know, how the iffy parts slide to the back of my mind.)

This is Perth:  (I learned to say it more or less properly, but you'll have to ask me in person.)

And from a little drive through, compliments to our hostess at the B&B, we realized we should be staying here for a week...

Then on to the coast, by train.

To the Ferry in Aberdeen, with harsh wind and rain.
To a cozy cabin on aboard, where I could model my finished socks (with Carol's Loopy Legend yarn).

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