Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the Rest of the Story

I tried!  Didn't WANT to unravel the top, so did my "fix it" trick.  
Pulled out the eaten hole area, see previous blog, knitted rows in pattern, and kitchener'ed the top and bottom together.  Below, you see the repair, and a noticeable row of kitchener.  Not sure if the kitchener stitches look that way because I twisted them, or if it's the twisted/untwisted re-used yarn.  I feel a definite ridge on the wrong side which makes me think I wasn't holding it correctly.  And I, especially, am not good at doing the reverse kitchener on the purl ribs...

Below is what the front looks like that was not damaged on the skirt.  

So, being the semi-perfectionist I unraveled the back from the top, and pulled out the kitchener stitches.
It's a good thing knitting is therapeutic!
With today's appointment, I expect to get in a half hour of knitting. :)

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