Thursday, October 10, 2013

Out of Town in New Mexico

No excuses... I've been too busy to think of sharing anything.  First there was a month of daughter and granddaughter, then just enough time to fit in some gigs, and I was off to Taos with friends from NY and PA.  Whew...  I must say that my bed felt great as I sank in, and... napping every day... lovely.  I felt like I had been many time zones away.
Ah!  Taos.  The drive there was amazing, the weather perfect! and the wool amazing.
Rio Grande Gorge
A trip to the nearby pueblo... and I assure you, the sky was BLUUUUe!
Taos Pueblo
The shops were open... we bought... Fiesta Ware!  (Not here, but at Monet's Kitchen.)

And the wools? We succumbed to Colorado Yak!
And finished up with a walk in the Santa Fe Plaza.
That was just last weekend.  I'll catch you up on projects---later!

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