Saturday, June 8, 2013

Growing up

A two-year-old turning four: Longer arms means longer sleeves.
I'm not home, with access to my leftover yarn stash, so I was shocked when I passed by cotton yarn in a craft shop (Panduro, Bergen) that looked suspiciously like yarn I had used to knit this tunic.  I bought it with the plan that it would be returned when I saw the foolishness of my ways.  And yet, it matches perfectly.  It isn't even the same weight and certainly not the same brand, yet...

I'm not really happy with the red pattern added on so it may find its way into my suitcase and returned in a few months.  For now, I'll see if the length is what is needed.

What did I do?  I snipped a thread just above the cuff, pulled out a row of knitting, picked up stitches on the sleeve, knitted rows of blue and red ending with a row of blue, then I kitchenered the cuff back on. A little over an inch has been added to the length of the sleeve.  Second sleeve will wait until the first sleeve has been tried on.

Here are some links to the original project:
Finished project
Ravelry page  with 11 other links to the knitting in progress of this project.  See "Posts" tab.

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