Monday, June 3, 2013

Blankets for memories

I like baby blankets. The ONE I made for my daughter was really not babyish, but a wool, self woven improvised blanket, that turned out to be just the right size for a baby basket bed.  I tucked my baby in under a little larger than pillow size duvet, and held it in place with my woven blanket.  Toasty!

Twenty six years later, my granddaughter got her own beautifully knitted blanket, knitted by her grandma (farmor).  It's a soft, flexible beauty!
A second blanket was handed down.  It was made by my grandmother for my daughter, and now is part of the nightly ritual for her daughter.  My grandmother meant a lot to my daughter and me, and though she never knew her great great granddaughter, her great great granddaughter cuddles with her every night.  The fabric is very soft, and the kitty is always popular.
The kitty's back is on the other side.  I'm so glad these blankets are signed!

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