Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Busy weaving and knitting

Another warp woven in record time!  New colors for me, in Blues and White, with Yellow and Red contrasts.  Such fun to experiment, and then gift away.  But first, photos.
I tried fringe, which I really adore.
Something for a red kitchen:
Hmm.  A REAL experiment with thicker threads.  
Four smaller, placemat sized pieces.  Or hand towels, or fabric for future bags... Who knows?
A few false starts... looking for projects for Crazy Zauberball yarn.  This doesn't exist any longer...frogged.
The perfect pattern for my Shetland yarn.  
Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnston from Shetland Wool Week Website   
Organic Native Shetland Jumperweight by Uradale Yarn Sport 100% Shetland 189 yards / 50 grams
Fearing the worst for a mid-May need for RED*, I whipped up these... Then the weather was SO balmy, bordering on unseasonal, or atypical of Bergen, I didn't need them.  Lovely to look at and fun to knit. (You may not recognize Clara Parkes' pattern.  I got creative when I matched it to a sweater, hence no "Sweet Fern" allowed.)
Sweet Fern Mitts by Clara Parkes from The Knitter's Book of Wool  
Cascade 220® by Cascade Yarns Worsted 100% Wool 220 yards / 100 grams

If you notice in the right margin that I haven't knitted this year, you'll understand that I've been too busy knitting etc. to document my yardage/mileage.  

*In Norway, EVERYONE must wear red or have a Norwegian costume, for the 17th of May.  More red is better! Or you look like a tourist...LOL!

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