Sunday, November 6, 2016

Whalsay! What Say?

An amazing island in the Shetland Islands... and we got to experience it even before we checked in to our B&B!  And I found this.... Lovely people in knitwear, in an exhibit of amazing fair isle with stories to go along with each item.  A week here would suffice, but I only had 4 hours (in 2 2-hour sessions).  EnJOY!

Not fair isle, but I had to remark that she was wearing "Boardwalk", and so was my friend, and so this woman became my friend, and we met many times in the next days.

And then down the road and up the hill was Angela's Studio.  Saw it advertised on the bulletin board on the ferry over.  She has a creative nature, and uses lace decoration for her clothing designs. you see the chest/cupboard?  Yep...lace!
Later, we were invited to a private exhibition of Shetland shawls at a private home.  It was such a feast for the eyes, I totally forgot to snap a photo...So GRACIOUS everyone was!  I can't believe how lucky we were to experience so much in our first day.

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