Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weaving and nice things

I went to a weaving demonstration and was allowed to weave a bit on this rickety loom.  This young woman was presenting Monk's weave, which I had done in the 70's in Norway.  
It was held in an Art Wool shop in Lerwick with a feast for the eyes and hands!

A recommended book.

And recommended Jamieson &Son's.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Geocaching, of course!

Can't get past these guys!
What a beautiful day... lots of caches!  This was a series of many more caches than I wanted to do.  
And this young ram has a specially painted coat to show off his fine features. (I found this out from the local wool sorter... and he is not a native Shetland sheep.  IMPORT)

The drive and views were stunning.  Windy and stunning!
This took us north, between Lerwick and Laxo on the East coast. We saw sheep herding, ruins, and...SHEEP!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

A wooly day in Lerwick

A movie ticket to see Yarn.  The Movie!

And browsing for buttons, yarn and looong dpn's.   They are in those green cases in the center, 14-16" long, and used with knitting needle belts.  They come in 1-4 mm and locally are referred to as "wires".  Don't try to take these on the airplane!  They look lethal.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ella Gordon and MORE knitwear

My first workshop was on recommendation, no, insistence from my friend that we attend, and so glad we did!  
This is Shetland Wool Week, a yearly 10-day week event that centers around the town of Lerwick, which is pretty much the only town.  (Happy, I was, that there was a TESCO around the corner...for shame, but when you need "stuff", that's the place!)  It's full of events, workshops, and happy knitters in a community of wool.  I have to catch my breath just remembering the concept!

Shetland Wool Week's Patron, this year, was Ella Gordon, a young, enthusiastic, woman, and she gave her first presentation on our second day, showing us up close a collection of hers--yes, a collection that she sometimes makes, but has bought up to preserve the history and culture of Shetland knitting. (She admitted that once she realized too late she was buying a sweater from her aunt through eBay...funny stories.)  

You could tell she admires each one.

Below is a sample that customers would use to order their own custom knitted sweater.
Lunch of Fish Cakes!  HUGE, and oh, so delicious!  Fish on a fisherman's island... Can't go wrong!

Back in the room with a view into the backyards of Lerwick.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Whalsay! What Say?

An amazing island in the Shetland Islands... and we got to experience it even before we checked in to our B&B!  And I found this.... Lovely people in knitwear, in an exhibit of amazing fair isle with stories to go along with each item.  A week here would suffice, but I only had 4 hours (in 2 2-hour sessions).  EnJOY!

Not fair isle, but I had to remark that she was wearing "Boardwalk", and so was my friend, and so this woman became my friend, and we met many times in the next days.

And then down the road and up the hill was Angela's Studio.  Saw it advertised on the bulletin board on the ferry over.  She has a creative nature, and uses lace decoration for her clothing designs. you see the chest/cupboard?  Yep...lace!
Later, we were invited to a private exhibition of Shetland shawls at a private home.  It was such a feast for the eyes, I totally forgot to snap a photo...So GRACIOUS everyone was!  I can't believe how lucky we were to experience so much in our first day.


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