Friday, November 6, 2015

The Harvest!

My spooky neighbors!  They (she) LOVES Halloween, and begins with a few things at the beginning of October.  By Halloween night that house across the street is crammed full of bodies and pumpkins (only 59 this year), and lights.  It's a spectacle, and a great one!
The time came a few weeks ago, to pick most of the tomatoes from my one plant.  When I lifted the towel which has been giving a little extra night-time protection, I found a preying mantis cocoon.  I love those guys!  They are so ferocious, the way they eerily turn their heads to stare you down, and give you the creeps... and they take care of many garden pests, so I would like this one to survive.  I carefully replaced it and will remain as patio decor over the winter.
Still thriving, I decided to put the tomatoes in the garage, and have canned tomatoes and onions for the future.
Halloween?  This is all of the decorating I can muster...
Above photos from October 23, 2015.  Since then, we've had frost.

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