Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the Rest of the Story

I tried!  Didn't WANT to unravel the top, so did my "fix it" trick.  
Pulled out the eaten hole area, see previous blog, knitted rows in pattern, and kitchener'ed the top and bottom together.  Below, you see the repair, and a noticeable row of kitchener.  Not sure if the kitchener stitches look that way because I twisted them, or if it's the twisted/untwisted re-used yarn.  I feel a definite ridge on the wrong side which makes me think I wasn't holding it correctly.  And I, especially, am not good at doing the reverse kitchener on the purl ribs...

Below is what the front looks like that was not damaged on the skirt.  

So, being the semi-perfectionist I unraveled the back from the top, and pulled out the kitchener stitches.
It's a good thing knitting is therapeutic!
With today's appointment, I expect to get in a half hour of knitting. :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Good news, bad news (again)

First the BAD, BAD news. 
New dog, happy little girl doggie, one year old.
Second knit item attacked, and second circular needle severed.
This is the crime scene when I arrived home after being away for 6 hours.  

I didn't learn from the past incident, obviously, that all things knit need to be in plastic tubs.  She enjoys the feel of knitting, and that crunchy cable must be seductive.  

I understand!  I love the feel and the crispness of the cable and needles, but two Addi's are halved.  This one, the cable is severed in the middle meaning I can still use it as a straight needle for small projects, in a pinch.

The good news:  I felt I needed a reward after incident #1, and I purchased this lovely set of Symphonie Dreamz, which I have coveted since this summer when I purchased a single.  THESE are going to be protected from my dog's alter-ego!

No dogs were hurt in the process.  Shamed? YES!! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bad dog!

Bad dog, and she doesn't even look guilty....  Found my blanket on the floor with a chewed apart Addi, and an almost chewed apart Dreamz.  It's hanging together by barely a thread!  Hope it will last (hopefully forever) or until I go round and round again and again.  No damage to the blanket itself, and it happened when I had two circular needles with picked up stitches all around the outer edge.

We have a "new" dog.  She's a shelter dog, and one year old.  Very nice but she likes to chew anything but her chew toy/bone.  How frustrating is that?
Her face is so dark, she looks cute when you see the whites of her eyes.
Hard to be upset with her, but...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


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