Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing Up, Second (Finished) Post

After WRITING THIS BLOG about lengthening sleeves, and having an unsatisfactory look about it, I pulled out the newly done part, alas, with sideways glances from the airport public. (Nothing says crazy like a lap-full of snarly looking yarn!)  The first-attempt yarn was a PERFECT match of color, and a tiny bit heavier, unnoticeable to my eye... but the "creative" pattern I came up with wasn't so pleasing to me.  AND, more critical, there wasn't quite enough length to make it anymore than a temporary fix.
I threw it in a bag and continued to knit a sock until I arrived home.  Here I have the EXACT same leftover yarn, that had never been washed... I used it, soaked it:
And, as you can see, that after numerous washings of the original, the old yarn succumbed to water whereas the new yarn just sat there, with its protective coating.  It had a long soak and the final result is:
See?  The new yarn is really a bit darker because it hasn't been in the washer - EVER!
My original problem with "twisting" of the body is still evident, but no little girl of four stands still enough to notice!  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Giant knits

Really... A rug photographed at IKEA in Bergen.  I couldn't help myself...

Friday, June 14, 2013

My traveling feet!

Overnight my ankles reappeared, and two socks disappeared. Such is the glamour of air travel!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Mystery Parade

Here comes the band...  color guard, and drums.

A police escort was out in front, then comes...

Children, 3-5 years old.  All dressed alike, Bride, Groom, "train bearers", flower bouquets... your guess is as good as mine!  In some countries, I would be deeply distressed by this scene!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Growing up

A two-year-old turning four: Longer arms means longer sleeves.
I'm not home, with access to my leftover yarn stash, so I was shocked when I passed by cotton yarn in a craft shop (Panduro, Bergen) that looked suspiciously like yarn I had used to knit this tunic.  I bought it with the plan that it would be returned when I saw the foolishness of my ways.  And yet, it matches perfectly.  It isn't even the same weight and certainly not the same brand, yet...

I'm not really happy with the red pattern added on so it may find its way into my suitcase and returned in a few months.  For now, I'll see if the length is what is needed.

What did I do?  I snipped a thread just above the cuff, pulled out a row of knitting, picked up stitches on the sleeve, knitted rows of blue and red ending with a row of blue, then I kitchenered the cuff back on. A little over an inch has been added to the length of the sleeve.  Second sleeve will wait until the first sleeve has been tried on.

Here are some links to the original project:
Finished project
Ravelry page  with 11 other links to the knitting in progress of this project.  See "Posts" tab.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post from 11/13/12

This post is continually getting comments from a questionable source.  I'm resubmitting it today.

Next week, I'll be in the mountains, at 9700 feet, curled up in a nice chair, and... knitting, of course.  Making a (knitting) list and checking it twice:  Woolen pants, a scarf, Robert the bear, and two pairs of in-progress socks.  Actually all of the above are in-progress (on needles).  No lack of UFO's to choose from, so I'll fill a bag and work on as many as I can.  I can hear the silence of a tiny, almost deserted mining town, and the click of needles.  Meanwhile, I must report that I finished three projects over the weekend.  Only one to be viewed here:
I love the colors... and this is the first pair of socks that I used reinforcement thread in the heels.  Time will tell, however, I must admit that I don't have a problem with heels wearing out unless I use pure wool.  And these are not, so I normally wouldn't worry.  Should I be?
Yarn purchased at the Dale Shop at the train station in Bergen: Jawoll Color Superwashby Lang YarnsFingering / 4 ply
75% Wool, 18% Nylon, 7% Acrylic
206 yards / 50 grams (used 1.3 skeins)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Blankets for memories

I like baby blankets. The ONE I made for my daughter was really not babyish, but a wool, self woven improvised blanket, that turned out to be just the right size for a baby basket bed.  I tucked my baby in under a little larger than pillow size duvet, and held it in place with my woven blanket.  Toasty!

Twenty six years later, my granddaughter got her own beautifully knitted blanket, knitted by her grandma (farmor).  It's a soft, flexible beauty!
A second blanket was handed down.  It was made by my grandmother for my daughter, and now is part of the nightly ritual for her daughter.  My grandmother meant a lot to my daughter and me, and though she never knew her great great granddaughter, her great great granddaughter cuddles with her every night.  The fabric is very soft, and the kitty is always popular.
The kitty's back is on the other side.  I'm so glad these blankets are signed!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tourist Bergen

Since 2006 I have landed in Bergen once or twice a year, often staying 3-4 weeks at a time. I've marked those occasions by finding Geocaches each time, and they have taken me places no tourist gets to see.
It was with great surprise and pleasure that I became a tourist with my friends. I planned out the big picture, where to be within the country, lodging, and transportation, but what turned out to be difficult was knowing what our bodies would take in the way of day to day sightseeing in cities. And Bergen... Dear Bergen, I had no idea how much can be done! I originally planned 3 days of sightseeing, and wondered how I would fill them, then one evening we were on a boat heading to Bergen to catch a train out, and I started getting messages. The train was cancelled. We had enjoyed beautiful summer temperatures followed by rain (think melting snow) and suddenly our plans were changed. The rail line had been severely damaged and we were "stuck" in Bergen an extra three days, or for the duration of my friends' stay (6 days total). Luckily we had a centrally located apartment, a ticket for half price museums, and an international music festival available. So we did it!
We visited uncovered Viking ships, a leprosy hospital, 19th century Bergen, fortresses from 800 hundred years ago, a knitting factory, Hanseatic dwellings, and fondled some yarn, too!
And, and, and it was sunny!
I would have had more photos if I hadn't dropped my camera in my tea.. But that's another story!

Delayed by Royalty

A gray day at the Newark airport, we look out the window at the activity at the gate.  No news about our flight. Who is surrounded by suits, dark glasses, and carries their own backpack?
24 hours later:  "Do you have this in a darker color?"
And across the street, on our way to the bus, a little stop in to see the interior of the Oslo Cathedral. 


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