Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tourist Bergen

Since 2006 I have landed in Bergen once or twice a year, often staying 3-4 weeks at a time. I've marked those occasions by finding Geocaches each time, and they have taken me places no tourist gets to see.
It was with great surprise and pleasure that I became a tourist with my friends. I planned out the big picture, where to be within the country, lodging, and transportation, but what turned out to be difficult was knowing what our bodies would take in the way of day to day sightseeing in cities. And Bergen... Dear Bergen, I had no idea how much can be done! I originally planned 3 days of sightseeing, and wondered how I would fill them, then one evening we were on a boat heading to Bergen to catch a train out, and I started getting messages. The train was cancelled. We had enjoyed beautiful summer temperatures followed by rain (think melting snow) and suddenly our plans were changed. The rail line had been severely damaged and we were "stuck" in Bergen an extra three days, or for the duration of my friends' stay (6 days total). Luckily we had a centrally located apartment, a ticket for half price museums, and an international music festival available. So we did it!
We visited uncovered Viking ships, a leprosy hospital, 19th century Bergen, fortresses from 800 hundred years ago, a knitting factory, Hanseatic dwellings, and fondled some yarn, too!
And, and, and it was sunny!
I would have had more photos if I hadn't dropped my camera in my tea.. But that's another story!

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