Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing Up, Second (Finished) Post

After WRITING THIS BLOG about lengthening sleeves, and having an unsatisfactory look about it, I pulled out the newly done part, alas, with sideways glances from the airport public. (Nothing says crazy like a lap-full of snarly looking yarn!)  The first-attempt yarn was a PERFECT match of color, and a tiny bit heavier, unnoticeable to my eye... but the "creative" pattern I came up with wasn't so pleasing to me.  AND, more critical, there wasn't quite enough length to make it anymore than a temporary fix.
I threw it in a bag and continued to knit a sock until I arrived home.  Here I have the EXACT same leftover yarn, that had never been washed... I used it, soaked it:
And, as you can see, that after numerous washings of the original, the old yarn succumbed to water whereas the new yarn just sat there, with its protective coating.  It had a long soak and the final result is:
See?  The new yarn is really a bit darker because it hasn't been in the washer - EVER!
My original problem with "twisting" of the body is still evident, but no little girl of four stands still enough to notice!  

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