Monday, November 26, 2012

How much?

Remember how I listed all of the knitting I would take with me to the mountains?
Well, I certainly didn't live up to my expectations... I put the finishing touches on ONE item,.... after I got home.
What got in the way?
Beautiful weather, monstrous mountains, inviting geocaches, thin air, comfy hotel, and lazy days.  Those first three items were confined to 6 hours of sunlight a day... the sun didn't shine until it cleared the mountain (a 14,000 ft'er) at its peak about 9:15 AM and disappeared behind another peak... (I wondered how it could be so exact, and not go down at a lower elevation or valley...) at 3: 20 PM.
Somehow, I/we wiled away the hours days and I "only" accomplished one project, but it's a good one!
I used leftover yarn from a pullover (in February):
And made this:
It may be a bit on the short side... but we'll see in a few weeks, when it gets modeled.
I used a Norwegian pattern for both of these and Dale of Norway "Falk" yarn.  (Click to enlarge.)
Ahhhhh.  A week of R&K.  I could get used to that!

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  1. Beyond cute, Julia. Can't wait to see modelled shots.


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