Thursday, November 1, 2012

Can Cozy!

After everyone was stressed out by cables, there was a request to have a go at color work.  I put together a little project to use two colors at a time.  For some, it was a snap!  Others found they weren't THAT interested, and that's ok!
A couple of comments about stranded (two-color knitting):

  • We used 100% wool, so if the 36 stitches weren't quite right for your container (can or bottle), try swishing it around in hot water, and letting it dry on the container for a perfect fit.
  • I forgot to mention that I learned the hard way to keep track of which hand is holding which color.  For example, if you hold the red in your right hand, and the blue in your left, keep it that way.  I found that by switching part way through a project, there was a noticeable difference. (I have to write it down... I'll old.)

Of course, your can or bottle won't be offended!
We also learned a new cast-on:  Estonian Double Cast On, by Nancy Bush.  You can find it on youtube.  And I finished mine off doing the Estonian Double Bind Off... They almost match.  Here's where I found those instructions:  Cindy's Sock Knitting

Stocking stuffers, anyone?


  1. Very cute. And thanks for the link to the cast on/off. I am going to look them up.

  2. Nice! And it will soak up all that condensation!😄


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