Friday, December 2, 2011

Topics: Discuss!

Another successful night with the Knit One, Drink, Too gang.
Topics:  (Too numerous to think of them all, but here are some high-lights.)

1. How can a child be "non-gendered"? Only SA Fran can entertain us with that one.  She insists that since she will be the nanny very soon, the mystery will be revealed.

2.  What size should a hat be?  Try it ON!! Simone's husband has a big head.  Will the body of a newborn pullover be big enough for a man's head?  I tried on my hat, convinced myself that it was time to decrease only to try it on after 6 rows of decrease and discover I must have been 'drinking, too'...  Solution 1:  Rip it back and continue another inch before decrease.  Solution 2: Decrease every row and stuff the hat.  (That sure loses something out of context! LOL)

3.  Guinea pigs wear sweaters.  No, really!  See HERE.

4.  Should we eat meat? pro's and con's...

5.  Let's take a vote:  Who's too lazy to put on their shoes? Have you ever left the house without tying your shoes? or just scuffed along without bending over? Guilty! There, at the door, were my shoes with the heels smashed down.

These and other important topics are the reason that we get together every 2 weeks!
Oh, yeah, we knit a little, too.

Especially proud of MB's completed, lengthened, and gorgeously cabled sweater.   Turn off the heat and put it on!
 Why is this such a big event?  It's 6 months (or more) in the making! 

Baby is not a newborn at 4 months:  Baby-wear is now to be hubby-wear.  The camo hat:
Baby soft, hubby will use it for hunting. (What's wrong with this scenario? LOL)

What became of that baby sweater?

Granny K rewarded herself after picking up a bazillion stitches on her 5th hat of the season. What's going on here?  Boucle yarn disguised as a headband with stitches picked up to continue and further disguise itself as a hat.  The Christmas of the Hat at Granny K's!  One for each "grand".

SA Fran completed leg warmers for anyone "that" size.  A warm up project which will lead to guinea pig sweaters.  We BETTER get some pictures of that project.  I hope she writes to us from NJ...

The never-ending, almost finished, front and sleeve... Yee Girl has no problem keeping busy for YEARS on this one.  I think she likes the color.  I know WE do!

Jee Hostess, who just tore down her kitchen ceiling, is happily placing beads on her scarf while worrying about the cast on edge.  I feel her pain--"It will be fine."

Jenn came late, finishes her last day of student teaching tomorrow, and has a job that starts in January which will take her far away.  Granny K is making the most of the next week.  Jenn curses the skein that won't quit. (I heard her sigh...)  Her afghan is getting out of hand, and, I'm SOOOOO sorry I didn't get a picture.  Granny K, help me out!

Me, I took 3 UFO's and frogged the ONE I worked on.  It's to be worn tomorrow evening... getting cold around here! Of course, I'll be at a keyboard with my bare finger tips tomorrow and 20ºF.  Brrr...

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  1. I LOVE!! the name of your group. Great projects they have.


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