Friday, May 6, 2011

Helpful? I think NOT!

Tonight was Knit Nite....
A wonderful, laughable, relaxing time.
Here's Mimi, sitting next to me to get some "help".  Just couldn't figure out that pattern, until she sat next to me.

And that's literally all it took!  I never got to see the pattern. She was suddenly enlightened!  And that was the last nice thing that happened to Mimi.  
She presented her sweater to me to admire before starting the collar... I asked her, "Have you tried this on?"  Not since knit nite 4 weeks ago... she says.
I chastised her for not heeding my blog, and learning from my mistakes.  Earlier this week, I had the same experience.  Didn't try it on and had to rip it out.  
Q: What's worse than ripping out a portion of a garment that you thought was finished?  
A:  Pointing someone else in that direction and watching THEM rip out their own garment.  It was torture (for me), I tell you!!
Here she is with strands that wouldn't unravel, which will have to be cut off to make the body longer.
...sigh...  Somehow, I take the guilt upon myself.  I'm so sorry, Mimi!

 Here, finish this. You'll feel better.

Unfortunately the yarn is a beautiful dark burgundy (so spilled wine won't be noticed). It's a color that doesn't photograph well, so you won't be able to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.
Meanwhile, she wasn't the only one...
More tomorrow.

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  1. Great idea to have wine on hand for those trying times. :)


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