Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tubular Bind-off, My Friend

Have you been wondering about Yarn and finding that I've been writing about everything else?

I've been knitting.  My beautiful Spring green top-down top.  And I'll never learn...
I'll never learn to:
1.  Try on a garment if I can, MANY times. More times than I think is necessary.
2.  Always knit more than I think is right.
3.  Assume I'm bigger than I think.
4.  Not be so eager to bind off.

What I learned:
1. Tubular Bind off looks great!
2.  Tubular Bind off isn't difficult to rip out.
2.  Tubular Bind off is easier to rip out than another stretchy sewn bind off of which I don't have a name but consists of "through 2 stitches and back through one". (Pattie will know what I mean because she taught it to me.)
3.  I'll use tubular Bind off more often (whenever I need a stretchy edge, like the top of socks).

Will you learn from my mistakes?  I hope so--that's why I'm here!!
Orange marker is where I started my 3-1/2" of ribbing. All of the yarn in balls was knitted and used for bind off.
I'm OK.  It isn't summer yet... in fact, our summer-like weather has turned to winter!  Cruel... Adding another 4 inches to the length will give me a lesson in patience, and I get to do another tubular bind-off.  (And then the second sleeve.)


  1. Obviously, I haven't learned to count, either...LOL

  2. Can you give us a tutorial on your tubular bind off?


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