Friday, July 15, 2011

Another (Knit) Nite!

I can tell it's Summer!
We looked for the turtle in the backyard, and returned to find the seats occupied:
Loo has started a sheep, but it suspiciously looks like a re-creation of her doggie!
Jee has two-at-a-time socks on her needles... really they can't be that shape...
I think the lacy holes are gorgeous, and the color is a bit darker than in the photo.  Another beautiful pair.
Kee is happy with her lovely Elsebeth Lavold pattern (Hillary, I think).  Made to order for a granddaughter. (Sshhhh... don't tell the others!)
Bee is showing off her finished baby sweater.  Baby is two years old now, and it STILL will fit!
What about those froggies?  KEE-yout!
Moving right along, Bee is posing for 'one only' shot of the scarf she's knitting.  Don't put it down, or you'll spend the rest of the evening figuring out where you're AT!
And Simmy, waiting anxiously for grandchild #1 to be born (imminently), is trying to distract herself with little pieces of a second sweater.  Lovely, soft and very boyish!
Waiting to hear from her daughter...
We also heard from two "former, but in our hearts" knitters.  Mee is in Dallas, and sent photos of three! count'em THREE pairs of socks.  Congratulations!!  They are fantastic!  Jee and I discussed your amazing productivity--we must have been holding you back!
And when I arrived home there was a message from the Doc in Madison.  Urban living sounds wonderful!  And we might be able to do some long-distance trouble-shooting.  Will need a picture of the problem project.
See you all in 2 weeks, and maybe some others will be back then.

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  1. You are lucky to have so many knitter friends! It's so nice working in a group.


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