Monday, May 2, 2011

Tubular Bind-off, Part 2

Disclaimer:  NOT a tutorial, just a ramble.
What could be more rewarding than binding off?  I don't know; perhaps a hot fudge sundae... in a lounge chair, on the back porch, with munchkins fanning me... oops.  Sorry, I'm back!

Binding off means completion, and, more important, now I can start/finish/"work" on something else. It's a real treat, and when it finishes off beautifully, I'm talkin' satisfaction!

Yesterday, even though my garment wasn't complete, I had the satisfaction of binding off the bottom edge with "tubular bind-off".  Brenda asked if I could give a tutorial, and I gasped!  I read and worship tutorials, but I don't have the gadgets to post a pretty, informative drawing.  Therefore, I recommend 'do as I do':  Get this book The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman.  It was recommended to me at my LYS years ago, and I've used it... A LOT!
And years ago I made this notation on this page:
I've never seen a bind off named "Grafting or Kitchener Stitch" but it's really the same as "Tubular".  For my Spring Green top, I used ribbing (1x1), and on the last row I worked with two needles in my right hand to separate the knit stitches (on the front needle) from the purl stitches (on the back needle).  The nitty-gritty is:  Front needle, knit, purl, Back needle, purl, knit.  Of course, to get started you do a little differently, but you'll have to read that yourself.
When Brenda left that comment, I wondered how I did it myself!  So, I went to my guru, Techknitter, which is listed to the right under blogs I read, and sure enough I found more information than I wanted/needed AND an alternate method using knitting needles instead of tapestry needle.
Coincidentally, I had just finished a sock this morning which was ready to kitchener, so I tried it.  I 'heart' it!!  Here's an excerpt:

These four steps are repeated again and again to create a Kitchener stitched seam. If you want to chant the steps to yourself as you work, here is the mantra:

  • Step 1: Purl front, push the stitch off
  • Step 2: Knit front, leave the stitch on
  • Step 3: Knit rear, push the stitch off
  • Step 4: Purl rear, leave the stitch on
(When my kids hear me chanting like this, they know to stay away until the muttering ceases.)
Step 4


  1. EZ's Sewn Bind Off is what I call it. Drawbacks are 2-you have to cut the yarn, so you have to make sure it is long enough at the start; hard to take out if needed.

    let's see a pic of the "Kitchenered" toe. does it look as nice as usual?

    Cat Bordhi touts Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchable Bind Off as the best...don't know if you tried it yet.

  2. LOL!!! Thanks for this. I almost got stuck at the hot fudge sundae part.


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