Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Can you believe that my nearest friends were WAY off in guessing my stash?    The answer is: 66. And the winner is Bonnie from Indiana with a guess of 55.  She'd better start counting her stash!
The Contest
I have 66 yarns that I have purchased and not touched.  (Shame on me.) Here's one from SO long ago that I don't have a date...  bought in Durango, CO.
I haven't used the green in the background, either, so these counted as "2" towards my 66.
The really good news:  I have a pattern in mind, and you may see it in the next few weeks if it works out. I love my stash, but I would like to see it used. (It justifies future purchases, doesn't it?)

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  1. LOL! I think I have 66 yarns in my closet right now...that doesn't count the four big Rubbermaid containers in the basement. Eek...


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