Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aspirations: To decrease my yarn stash.

A little late.  Day 6 topic on Day 7.
I would like to decrease my stashes of all items found in drawers and closets, and on shelves and in the garage and in the shed, but... one thing at a time.  
My life consists of lusting after yarns.  That’s an overstatement:  I have more of a life than that, but one of my downfalls is that I really REALLY have a difficult time walking away from yarn that is for sale.
The wools, and sock yarns, and other fibers cry out to me.  Their colors dazzle and stun.  But I am resolute!  I will do my best to use stashed yarn until this summer.  Then I will surrender to a plethora of shops in Bergen.  It would be too cruel for me to give up yarn shopping then.  Otherwise, in the past 8 months, I’ve been quite good.  
Yes, and you know what happened 9 months ago?  I was in Norway, and Maine, and WEBS and... I succumbed to the temptation.  

I have a lot of yarn in my stash that I have purchased and not used at all.  All good intentions, mind you, of using them someday, and here goes another “contest”!  You have 48 hours (or until some arbitrary time at the end of Monday) to guess how many stashed yarns I have at this point and haven’t used.  I just counted them up and made my own arbitrary list of those I consider eligible for this distinction... I’m just saying, I have a number.  And GOSH!  I have yarn to award to the person who comes closest to that number, over or under.

And now, without knowing the true count of my yarn purchases in the past 8 months (remembering I had a possum-related lapse in my diet when I was in New Zealand), I will now count up how “good” I’ve been, and therefore deserve to take a vacation in June!

That would be:
Number of purchases since mid-July, 2010:  8
I’ve used 3 of them.
Four of the purchases were made in New Zealand, so those were totally appropriate purchases... And one of the 4 was actually purchased not by me, but by my daughter along with a pattern for her little one.
Summary:  My stash grew by 5 purchases, not saying how many skeins, in the past 8 months.  Have I been “good”?  I certainly haven’t suffered--I stay away from those ^&%**#@# shops!


  1. I went to two LYS today but both were closed on Mondays. Which is a good thing probably because I would have bought you not only the yarn you requested, but also a new project that I would have fallen in love with and thrown $300 at.

    My guess is that you have 37 yarns in your stash that you have never touched. But if I win I don't want any yarn, I have plenty unused myself.

  2. OK, such a hard thing to figure! I'm guessing I have more than you, counting different sock yarns...but I'll guess 99 for you.

  3. I'm guessing 55. Now I'm wondering how many I have.... I think it's better not to know.

  4. My guess is 101


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