Monday, April 11, 2011

A finishing weekend

A few things to report:  My mind is racing wildly on to new projects, as I get a grip on a few of the old ones. Anyone else feel this way?  As I see a project nearing the end, I almost always start several more, just to be sure I don't lose the knack of carting around huge jugs of yarn and yarnobilia.

And there's something about finishing a second sock (the chore of it all - #2 is never as much fun as I think it should be) that makes me yearn for a more challenging/exciting pattern like endless charts and outside the sox patterns.
I'm this close to starting new socks:
Even closer... I'm on the final 5 rounds now, and plan to be finished by Sunday evening.  Too bad for you, that I don't want to embarrass myself by modeling them.  Even though Eskimimi says it's pretty difficult for socks to be ugly, I think these are competitors for the cup.  Even my hub, who rarely comments (or has learned to be very careful of his comments) remarked that they looked like I didn't know what I was doing.  Yes, that's a very good assessment of Skew socks.

Pattern:  Skew by Lana Holden from Knitty, Winter 2009;  Sport- & Strumpfwolle by ALWO, Fingering / 4 ply, Acrylic, Wool, Nylon, 459 yards
 While I've been dawdling, and recording what everyone was doing on knit nite, I didn't include myself.  I finished the knitting on the little bolero.  Alas, this would match the dress had it been a year ago, but the dress has been around the world, worn at birthday parties, campsites, and ocean cruises, more than circumnavigated the globe and the colors have faded.  I'm pretending it isn't so.
I don't see anything out of the ordinary.  Do you?

Pattern:  Bow-Tied Bolero by Debbie Bliss from Special Knits: 22 Gorgeous Handknits for Babies and Toddlers;  Pima Cotton & Silk DK (Solids) by Misti Alpaca

Ready for a second birthday!  I re-knitted the top of the dress.
It's always the beginning of an excellent week, when I can cross off TWO projects!

Why is that?  I love to knit.  I enjoy every bit of it.  Getting that last seam sewn, and the blocking and drying:  Nothing like blocking in the middle of the kitchen counter to hurry up the process!  And that final picture posted... AHHHH! sigh

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who starts thinking "What next?" about 3/4 of the way through a project. It's because we always have to be knitting, no matter what! :-)


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