Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starting again

Alternating days of sunshine and snow.  Sorry, folks:  This is what I call "snow".
No real accumulation. Just a stiff wind and flurries. (That's why I live in NM.)

The weather and the month of February, having finished a bunch of things, makes me do this:
Notice the baby bonnet is missing.   It's packed and sent East.  And I forgot to photograph my socks that are in other bags, 3 rows of one sock, and the ever daunting Skew sock which hasn't been moved from its resting place since... October.
I'm so thankful I have drawers...
Priority #1:  C's brown shawl.  I need to get several inches done before Monday so she can take over. (Upper right)
Priority #2:  Mittens (lower right) which will be combination of convertible and cupcakes.  Wish me luck! Latest deadline (if they are for this winter) is March 15.


  1. about the weather, this is a good winter to not live in WNY...LOTS of snow!

    instead of the beading KAL, let's do April socks: we both finish our Skew socks. (mine traveled halfway 'round the world, too, never touched)

  2. Woah....wait just a minute there. "take over"??

  3. Snow here, too...on top of ice and heavy rain. I'm really ready for spring...


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