Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knitters Part One

Every two weeks we get together.  Nothing structured, just knit, gab and nibble. We are Knit One, Drink Too.
Bee (featured previously) is enjoying a little warmth from her scarf which is long enough to wrap around her neck.  It's a beautiful, yummy soft, textured masterpiece!  Someone's going to be lucky...
 Dee is going in circles.  A baby blanket under way.  I see loaning needles in my future...

 And Dr. P is smiling like she's ready to move to Wisconsin!  Knit on, Friend!  There's more winter to come.


  1. Bee is the lucky one. It's for her!!!!!!

    How did you know I'd ask for needles?

  2. Lovely group! I really look forward to my weekly lunch and knit. Must blog about them sometime!


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