Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another twtkntw

From Knit One, Drink Two Too:
Hmmm.  Is this the same photo from 2 weeks ago, B?  No, it's fresh off the press, of frogged project. Decision: Last one was too wide... what a brave knitter!
Another repeat?  S is SOOO near the finish line.  She's actually starting the bind off of her eleventy-thousand 600+ stitches!  She made a good start of it while listening to blather of the others.  Focus!  (Gorgeous colorway!)

D was in trouble right off the bat!  Her "Wild Woman" pin grabbed her knitting and with much name calling and attempted smiles for the camera, she was free at last!  "Wild Woman" RIP.

The Surprise Finish!
L showed off her project of the year!  Congratulations.... It's a real PRIZE!  Look at those colors!! Yummy, in time for a road trip, with no discussion of tree watering etiquette... (inside story).
J makes some minor adjustments, but I think it's all in the pretense of feeling up the yarn!
Why, oh why didn't I take a picture of the pretzel/Rollo/pecan creations?  Well, we're keeping THAT a secret, too!

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  1. Lovely colors! Pretzels, rollos and pecans? Do share!!!


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