Saturday, December 4, 2010


Every two weeks, several knitting people come together to...
1) Laugh
2) Eat & Drink
3) Bash all sorts of folks, and behaviors, especially their own folks and behaviors.
And oh, yes:
4) Knit.
I have evidence!!
The toast to get started!

The goodies:  Is that Turkish Delight?

The decorations:  Ring them bells!

The scarf rage:  Who started making them? And why are they made of hair?

Wristwarmers:  One in use, and the other... too small, needed a few more rows.

MB's new sweater!  Gorgeous cables

S didn't say much until she put that $&##* thing down.

D held it for show, but refused to pick up needles for fear of missing something  mis-counting.
 The many faces of Ms. B:

 I love digital.  I could have thrown away some of these!! lol
What?  Another slipper?  That makes #24...
 But look again at that beautiful pullover from "years ago".
Next, MB's blue needle phenomenon:  Her needles are turning blue, with envy? (Hard to see... should I touch up the photo to make it look more serious?)
Really, the second skein started turning the needles blue.
 I assured everyone that their secrets would go no further than this blog...
 And S wonders why her project looks just like the picture!
It was too much... I laughed and snorted, we all admitted to dressing inappropriately in public, and there was much hilarity in the difference between eyelets and dropped stitches... You had to be there!!  (Thanks, friends!)


  1. What fun! Those women in Durango do not know how to do knit night.

  2. That was the knit nite that was.


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