Thursday, November 16, 2017

Finished and never ending

Here is a pullover I knitted a few years ago for my granddaughter who was 4 years old.  I admit that I loved that pattern more than she did, and she has plenty of sweaters to choose from, AND she doesn't seem to get bigger, just longer...  (It also has a history which I shared 4 years ago.  Click the link above.)
So, on my last visit, I saw this one languishing in a drawer and decided that she would NEVER wear it because it's too short for her, both in body length and sleeves. I'm so thrifty... can't part with anything, it seems, so I.... yep, bought more yarn!!  Isn't that the solution to many problems?  (Mr. T., just go buy some yarn...)
Of course, I didn't have the sweater with me, but thanks to Ravelry I knew the brand and weight, just not the exact colors.  I bought 3 colors to match, and none of them did... hence, the contrasting bands.
My aptitude for ripping out, and adding and kitchener'ing back together has soared to new heights and lengths!  Now it's ready for an 8 year old who may or may not reject a repurposed sweater into a tunic.  Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, back home, I haven't been attending Knit Nites like I used to.  Semi-retirement for a musician seems to backfire, BUT I finally convinced some of the group to double up and instead of meeting every two weeks, we've added a NOON date on the off weeks.  WORKS for ME!
Never ending... The Dr. Who scarf, which is really long.  How long?  Maybe Callie can tell us...because here it isn't finished, but now it is, and even has knotted fringe on both ends.  She says she quit when she ran out of purple... nice!
It's a beauty, and some lucky young man is going to love it!

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