Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Basket interlude

Above, is an experiment... more or less successful.  I discovered how difficult it is to make a gradual slope, in the shape of a pie plate.  Hint: The fruit covers my sins.

That was my attempt to refresh my basket weaving skills, thinking I needed to rid myself of extra reed... To that end, I invited several knitters to give it a try, and here is the result:
My first attempt at a melon basket.
And first timers:

This summer, I've watched friends "down-size" and move to a condo ⅕ the size of their previous home, and friends move without downsizing, packing hundreds of boxes, and a friend empty a garage in anticipation for construction of a master bedroom suite (which means downsizing). Then I look at my own home and think I should be doing something...about stuff.

The first thing that came to mind was "stash". As in yarn, photos, fabric, clothing, dishes, .... and the list goes on. So, I decided to do something about my stash of reed for basket making. Seemed like a good start. As I pulled out my container I managed to pull out at least three other items that could be released to the clubs, cat scratching pole, exercise step...all unused for a decade or more. Win-win!

Results were exhausting and fun...and I still have reed.  And it ignited my desire to weave more baskets.  Weeks later, the reed is sitting in the kitchen, and I have a desire to make more.  But what about those knitted projects?

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