Friday, February 24, 2017

Seascape and wool

Our last day in Shetland, a drive to the coastal airport and a visit to Jamieson & Smith.
An exhibit of wool qualities that we stumbled upon at the last minute.  
Pouring rain, Pattie waits in the car while I take a look in the wool barn.  Jan, the wool sorter gives me the tour and after 20 minutes I dash out to grab Pattie!
It's an unassuming building next to an unassuming shop, on a remote side street, in a picturesque village on a wind swept island in the North Sea.  Jan is passionate about wool and the industry she represents.
Wind sock...normal hurricane force winds, waiting for a plane to land.  Yes, it's a crossing barrier!
The southern tip of the main island, and
Views from the airplane. 

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