Friday, May 20, 2016

Good Eats

Western New York!  A visit there a few weeks ago coincided with a Friday, and Western New Yorkers know what THAT means...  Fish Fry!  
My visit also coincided with the season opening of The National Hotel, in Cuylerville.  It was a family affair, with owners/operators being friends/family, and it was lovely as always.
Cuylerville, you might look it up, but whatever you find, may or may not include this local history: 
WAY back, there were native Americans living here who took offence to the newly self-acclaimed Americans marching around.  Everyone got treated badly, and there's a tree and a park reminding us of it. (See Boyd & Parker.)  
Cuylerville in the last century was the home of my grandparents, and my father attended high school there until it closed (1945).  
Cuylerville later became the home of my other grandparents just as the salt mine was relocating, and lots of people relocated with it.  (My favorite "growing up with grandma" story is my grandma's reaction to my collection of snakes in a (meant to be planting spot) tractor tire in the front yard. She thought it was funny. My mother did not!)
Cuylerville has other colourful stories that I'll ignore at this time, but I just want to say, I'm kind of attached to the place.  All four streets!

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