Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sole socks

My attempt at something new, which stretched into almost a year!  Sock number one finished end of August 2014.  
This is supposed to be a "removable" sole sock, to accommodate wear and tear and replacement of the sole without having to re-do the pattern.  Makes sense! And at first the pattern didn't make sense.  As in life, the second time around is always easier, or at least things are expected.  And this is no exception.  In May I picked up the yarn for sock number two, and was finished in no time!  
Pros:  I love the pattern, and they are super warm (especially now that it's 30ºC) and I appreciate that there's one layer of yarn on the sole.
Cons: I hope I can locate the heel pattern when I need to replace it.  My socks wear out only on the heel bottom.
It needs a good blocking to straighten out the pink edge stitches, but I'm planning on wearing and washing instead of blocking.  I'm a bit lazy like that.
To see the process click on THIS PREVIOUS BLOG POST.


  1. Very pretty! I love the colors and the pattern.


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