Saturday, April 25, 2015

Much to do... Too much to do!

Crazy busy.  Taking on an extra job which more than doubled my expectations.  That would satisfy me, however, in a delusional moment I said YES to playing an organ/trumpet concert!  And it's right around the corner now!  In Gallup, NM, at a tiny church which I haven't seen (only pictures), music that I recently tallied at 76 minutes.
The plan:  To cut out a few pieces, and make one of them an encore... Wishful thinking!  No intermission, to cut down on escapees!  Teehee....

Meanwhile, knitting is hit and miss, but I've REALLY got to try to follow a pattern.  It would be nice, and relaxing, but I don't seem to get fussed about ripping things out and starting again.  Which is good, because I think I've done that multiple times with every project this year!

I'm especially happy with this:
It looks great under my maroon jacket, and better with a scoop neck top underneath it.  Anyone else? I get SOOOOO excited upon finishing something that I just pop it on, and snap a picture, and never go back for a better one. Well, that's just me.

I, also, finished a beautiful top using my coveted "Byzantine" colorway in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light---YUM!  Love the yarn - love the color, alas, a bit small for me, so it will be passed on.
In both of these tops, I changed the lace pattern...
The stripy one needed something that I could use with the stripe width, and the Byzantine needed less openwork.
I must say, the Knitter's Stitch Bible has been sitting on my shelf for years, and these two are the first stitches I've taken from it!  And it works!!

OK!  So now I'm late for everything today, but nothing that's serious-- I'm off to "Clean the Scene", annual Geocaching Earth Day Clean up at the local reservoir... and a cache or two.

Happy Spring!  No snow here!

(By the way, check out my updated page "Finished".)

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