Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sock Crazies

Once upon a time, there was a sock pattern.
Maybe there were two or three, or dozens, but the construction of the sock was either toe-up or cuff-down.  Then there were holes.  Nasty feet wearing holes in the soles.  And then someone came up with an idea.  Why not knit the sock so the sole can be removed and replaced!  Yay!!  Excellent!!
I found the perfect project for a week of knitting with knitters.  Advice and encouragement, and a new technique.  Then I started:
Above:  This pattern I downloaded and it left me scratching my head.  Until I found the same pattern instructions in a book, with the design below.  It had a sentence or two extra which cleared my head-scratching, and I was on my way.  When wait!  Look at that lovely design above:  Two S's.  I thought it rather ugly, and when I looked at the photograph again, it was, indeed NOT two S's, but one S and one backwards S.  The CHART was wrong.  (I blindly followed the chart.) I couldn't stand it anymore, and even though I had knitters around me saying, "But it's so pretty!" I ripped it out, and started with the pattern in the book.
The technique?  First you knit the pink band around the foot, then you fill in the insole design. 
 Next you knit in the sole, and heel and then you start the circular part around the leg.
Not as complicated as it sounds.
I like!  I like the pattern better than the first, and I really appreciated the directions being complete.
One done.  NO rush for the second...:)
Half-Stranded Socks  by Anna Zilboorg  from Sock Knitting Master Class: Innovative Techniques & Patterns

Lament:  I'm happy with the sock, though I have yet to see a description of removing the sole to replace it.  Anyone?  Help!!


  1. Write to Ann Budd, it is in her book.
    I love that you finished one, but I want you to finish the second so we (you) cab see how they wear,


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