Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Repair...

I don't like repairs.  And I especially don't like repairing things I DIDN'T knit.  My son-in-law innocently asked and I looked at the hoodie I was working on, and I replied, "I'll see..."  But his story softened my resolve, and within a few hours it was fixed.  Lucky me, I didn't take a "before" picture.
The hat, his favorite, and I know it's a favorite because I've been warned off trying to make one for him because he's very "particular" about his hats...the hat was purchased on a trip to Peru, and it's yummy, double, alpaca, and probably pricey (because I was in the same shop when he bought it).  It had developed a hole from who-knows-what. And of course, since it's reversible, and he would never consider wearing the light side out, he continued to wear it.  That hole was going to get worse, and I took pity on it.
My remedy:

  1. stitch around the hole and contain the stitches that are left intact.
  2. using similar yarn (leftover from something) I picked up a row of stitches
  3. and knitting with tiny needles, I made a swatch of ribbing.
  4. I sewed the swatch down on the sides and top.  
  5. If I had been really serious, I would have ripped it back and knitted with larger needles, but I didn't...
All better:

Was I lucky it wasn't in the cables?


  1. Lucky indeed. I too don't like reapirs to knits I didn't knit. Not as easy as the non-knitter thinks.

  2. But you are such a good mother in law!


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