Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Mystery Knitter

Remember my story from a week ago?  HERE  The person I taught to take the first steps of knitting...she impressed some others, too, though she hasn't had a minute to sit and relax.  She's moving this week, and all that that entails... sales, discarding, sorting... all she needs is a new hobby!!!
The first rows look like this... really?  That's better than beginner's luck!
 And she just has to develop her own style...
Good luck, VA!  I think you have a new career starting.

Here are a few tips that I think made learning a success:

  1. The yarn is sticky.  It doesn't want to come apart.  That makes it difficult to drop stitches and have them disappear.
  2. The needles are wood.  The metal ones, again, are slippery.  The first stitches come off the needle but not as easily as the metal ones.
  3. The cast-on:  I started her with "knitted cast-on" which is almost exactly like knitting, so by the time she had some stitches, I only had one thing to add: leave the stitch on the right needle.
  4. No purl stitches in the first swatch.  I hesitated to show her "yo, k2tog" but ... that's pretty easy.
I'm pretty proud of her and myself!

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